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Tumex project

The current website you’re looking at is a part of a bigger life-long project. So, I decided to dedicate an entire page just to it.
You can get to know some of the services that are a part of it, their status and details (only for some of them), along with their development progress.

In the future, I plan on expanding this project. After setting up Kubernetes Cluster that will serve as project hosting, CI/CD environment, etc, and migrating into it, I’ll probably use it for projects like home automation, natural language A.I. learning, and others...

To be fair, anything fun that comes to mind!

Apart from that, another objective of this project is having hands-on experience with complex/near-production environments for learning.

Main services

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Portfolio (this website)Dev progress:RunningStatus:UnknownVersion:2.0.0
GraphQl CMS APIDev progress:RunningStatus:UnknownVersion:1.0.0
DashboardDev progress:Under developmentVersion:1.0.0
Mailer APIDev progress:DeprecatedVersion:1.0.0
Mailer APIDev progress:RunningStatus:UnknownVersion:2.0.0
Health check APIDev progress:DraftVersion:1.0.0
Media APIDev progress:DraftVersion:1.0.0
Tumex-cluster 1st NodeDev progress:Under developmentVersion:1.0.0